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    The business model is known as the “Graphological Analysis (Handwriting Analysis)”. And the technique used is the names as “Graphology”. Graphology is a “Scientific Art” by which nature, likes, dislikes, attitude, behavior and overall complete personality of any individual can be analyzed by individual’s handwriting. Further on basis of Handwriting analysis the further counseling related to following behavior related for the “Human Impact Factor Analysis” with brief explanation are as follows:-

  1. Personality Analysis.

Every person must know herself/himself. Personality is just arrangement of molecules. It reveals the secret of one individual’s complete attitude and explores the avenues to adjust with maximum people.

  1. Behavior Analysis.

Well it’s a very well said proverb, that nature and signature never changes! Let us explore ourselves and establish us with a unique identity.

  1. Selection of best man for the job.

A wise artist loves his tools. The working personnel are the exercising their talent to perform the job. With the best person for the job, the work is accomplished in a smooth manner.

  1. Recruitment and selection tool.

The nature if known then it results into time saving and cost controlling tool for the organization.

  1. Marriage Compatibility Chart.

Couples are made in Heaven, but they have to be identified for each other on the beautiful Earth.

  1. Forensic Documentation (Fraud Investigation by orders of Honorable Judiciary of India).

Every person has a unique trait in their handwriting. The fraud can be easily identified if Hon’ble Judiciary permits us.

  1. Stress Management.

The soldiers are the most mentally strong people known.But they even commit suicide on minor issues. The reason is stress. Graphology reveals the core factors for stress and suggests the best to eliminate the stress.

  1. Depression Counseling.

The real gist of depression if found then it can removed out easily.

  1. Talent Management.

The hidden talent can be encored out from individual as God has created every person unique. For the same every person has a unique talent.

  1. International Placement Recommendation and Guidance.

We recommend for International Internships, Training and also Placement Recommendations. The International Internships leads to prestigious placements in MNCs. And with placement at abroad finally the National Economy boots up as the flow of foreign currency strengthens the Indian Currency (INR). So any opportunity to get linked with International platform glorifies the future of students especially Undergraduate and Post Graduate Engineers.

  1. Expectant Mother’s Counseling

A healthy child from a “Stress-free” Mother. Definitely the Art of Graphology can make the Expectant Mother to be absolute Stress free and can design the “Delightful” Environment which will gift the new born an ever healthy life.

  1. Community Counseling.

TThe society is formed by many communities. If at lower level the communities are empowered with proper guidance then it will automatically result in smooth empowerment of Society.

  1. Child Counseling (from 2-7 years of age)

You can win a war with power but not the child. So first look the world with eyes of a child. Especially the Parents must understand their child. As the child is the most sacred and purest form of Humans who is being generally misunderstood.

  1. Adolescent Counseling.

It’s the bridging duration when the kids changes to youth. The molding and framing of personality can be best done in these few years. It is recommended that Parents must take special care for their child.

  1. Gender Empowerment Counseling by Elimination of Negative Thoughts.

The feeling of Inferiority is common in Women. And it has to be eliminated out. Graphological analysis can predict the likeness and quality of woman and can easily curb out the negative thoughts.

  1. Marital Conflicts.

The concept of Happy Home becomes true with better understandings between the life partners. Life Partners must know each other’s like and dislikes.

  1. Academic Portfolio Selection (Students below 18 years must contact with Parents).

 What I must do? A Doctor, Enginner or MBA???? The answer is that one must be a well educated human and the profession has to be adopted. Know what you are and what you can!!

  1. Hobby Identification and Generation.

Graphology helps in development of Hobby as an ornament of behavior.

  1. Personality Grooming (For Corporate Aspirants as B.Tech,M.B.A,M.C.A and other Professionals. The Duration is 14 working days).

I want to get rid of the taboo of being a “Bookworm” so what I must do?? Just give us your 14 days and see how we modify your Professional Personality.

  1. Personality Development.

What I must do so that people me remember me when they are in need?? Just let us know what you are and shape yourself to support others!!

  1. Communication Expertise Training for Professionals.

There are too many slips between the cups and the lips!! So our clients must be ready to get professional training of spoken skill to impress to whom they communicate.

  1. Impressive Public Speaking.

Address the audience with pleasant gesture so that the fragrance of your word may go upto miles.

  1. Oral and other Communication Skills.

To speak in such a manner that the culture and heritage of the audience must be appraised by the spoke person’s voice.

  1. Parent-Child Relation analysis and strengthening.

 This is a must to eradicate the “Generation Gap” raising day by day between parents and their child.

  1. Etiquette Development.

 Money can develop etiquette. But etiquette can develop money, prestige and intellectual capacity of an individual.

  1. School Visits (On prior appointment in 30 days advance). We request Principal Chairperson of Schools to let us give an opportunity to serve the future of Nation.

The Teachers of Schools must be stress free and must be able to cope up with the changes occurring in the behavior of growing generation. It is the self adjustment according to the nature of “Future of Nation (Students)”.

Please contact at : info@shubhaaksharam.com

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